Dig Deeper Gatherings with Conversationalists

Occurred on Friday, October 1, 2021 

Daring to Touch the Dark Soil of Despair – Growing A Grounded Hope
with Susanne Moser

The Buddhist scholar, systems thinker, activist and elder, Joanna Macy, once said, “the problem with clergy is that they have to end [their sermons] with hope.” What is the problem with that? What if we can’t be authentic and true with our congregations if we don’t have the courage to allow – at least for some of the time – our own despair? What does facing the truth of climate change demand of us as spiritual leaders in our communities? This session oriented participants to the varieties of hope, some of which demand that we “dig deeper” into our core, our faith, and our own hopelessness to find what can truly sustain us and our fellow journeyers through the profound challenges that climate change will impose on and demand of us. Participants practiced deep listening and self-reflection, engaged in small group dialogue and had an opportunity to ask questions of a leading voice for authentic and radical hope in the face of the existential threat from climate disruption.

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From Dirt to Soil: A Reframing 
with William Morris

If we are to be God's soil, what exactly is soil? Engaging with the wisdom of soil science, we learned about the beautiful, vibrant complexity of the ground beneath our feet and reflect on what it teaches us about becoming spiritual leaders in a climate changed world. William Morris drew on his experience as an environmental scientist, climate activist, and person of faith to give us a new appreciation for the earth we walk upon and the earth that needs the best of who we are in this pivotal moment.


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Cracked Open? Now What?
with Stephanie Spellers

Our churches and communities have been cracked wide open by climate-change, pandemic, racial reckoning, economic suffering and generations-long decline. As the pace of reopening picks up – and the temptation to get “back to normal” beckons – how can we help communities to embrace disruption and reorient our lives around love for God, each other and God’s earth?  Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers drew on wisdom from her new book The Church Cracked Open: Disruption, Decline and New Hope for Beloved Community in order to equip us as a community of leaders and learners.


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