Convocation 2022

Imagination and Collective Liberation for a Climate-Changed World

Thursday & Friday, October 6 - 7, 2022

As we hear daily news of traumatic change, suffering, and crisis, we long for a world that holds justice and peace for all people and all beings. But how do we co-create such a world — one in which thriving is the right of all? 

Join us for Convocation 2022: Imagination and Collective Liberation for a Climate-Changed World. Inspired by a group of thoughtful presenters, artists, and leaders, we’ll explore what it means to nourish our imaginations toward a world of joyful possibility and embodied hope, while also holding space for the difficult realities we are facing. 

Over the course of two days — Thursday afternoon and evening and all day Friday — we will gather for online presentations, small group engagement, and worship. We will also offer time to connect in intentional affinity groups for continued learning and reflection. Incorporating music, the arts, and contemplative practice, Convocation 2022 promises both challenge and respite, a space where we can gather to root with honesty and compassion in our climate-changed world, while also turning our imaginations toward the collective liberation of the earth and all beings. 


Climate Changed

A Podcast from The BTS Center

The BTS Center's new podcast, Climate Changed offers intimate interviews and conversations around some of the most pressing questions about faith, life, and climate change. Hosted by Ben Yosua-Davis, Director of Applied Research, and Nicole Diroff, Program Director, and produced by Peterson Toscano, the podcast features acclaimed guests such as Corina Newsome, Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, poet Criag Santos Perez, and many more, all exploring what spiritual leadership looks and feels like in a climate-changed world. New episodes will premier monthly. You can click here to find Climate Changed on your favorite listening platformsubscribe now so you can listen to new episodes as soon as they are available!


The Intersectional Environmentalist Book Study

Five Tuesdays, October 18 - November 15, 2022
5:00 - 6:15 pm (Eastern) • Online

Please join us as we delve into the important questions, challenges, and opportunities of an intersectional ecological lens through a book study on The Intersectional Environmentalist. Co-facilitated over the course of five sessions by Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, rev. abby mohaupt, and Rev. Nicole Diroff, this book study will offer opportunities for:

  • Sharing insights, questions and stories that emerge from each chapter of the book
  • Interfaith conversation on how to dismantle systems of oppression to protect people & planet
  • Presentations on the nuances of environmental racism from a public health perspective, and
  • Discussion of opportunity for direct action within participants' local contexts

We hope you will join us for these essential conversations!


Lament with Earth

Thursday, October 27, 2022 • 7:30 - 8:30 pm (Eastern)
Fall Event: Via Negativa, with the Element of Air

In the Fall, as the natural world becomes more still, and stark, we, too are invited to let go — to, in the words of Matthew Fox, "embrace the lonely, quiet moments in our lives when we are asked to sink into nothingness, to let pain be pain, and accept the mysteries of life." When the trees lose their leaves, spaces open up — and we can see things differently. We see the world starkly, as it really can be, absent the robust greenery that hides the structures of the trees’ branches and trunks — and, in the cities, can also hide the angularity of the built environment. 

In the same way, when we are stripped of our illusions — the false sense that the climate isn’t really changing, it was just a particularly hot, or wet, fiery, or dry summer this year — we can see things differently. We need to have our illusions peeled away, to face the hard truths of our times. It is better to live in the truth. But we need to have real, loving company in order to do that...otherwise, in our isolation, we are far more subject to despair.


EcoPreacher Cohort

November 2022 - November 2023
Once a month from 1:00 - 2:15 pm Eastern • Online

With the desire to support, educate, and engage preachers in the integration of climate consciousness into their preaching, The BTS Center has partnered with Creation Justice Ministries, a Christian eco-justice organization with a long history of religiously grounded environmental advocacy. Together, we are pleased to offer this year-long cohort of learning, companionship, and exploration.

Facilitated by Rev. Nicole Diroff of The BTS Center and Avery Davis Lamb of Creation Justice Ministries, with collaborators Rev. Dr. Leah Schade and Dr. Rebecca Kneale Gould, this cohort will offer an expansive opportunity for connection, creativity, and grounded responses to climate change through the art of preaching.


Welcome to Upwelling, the inaugural issue of The BTS Center’s new, occasional print newsletter. We are delighted to connect with you in this way, and we hope that when you are finished reading, you might pass your copy along to someone else who might be interested.

Learn more …

Report to the Community 2022

With gratitude for all the ways you support, encourage, and enliven the work of The BTS Center, we are pleased to share with you a PDF version of our Report to the Community — our first ever publication like this, at least in recent memory, and a true labor of love. We hope you will take some time to flip through its pages, to scan its colorful images, to read its stories, and to find your place within the ever-expanding community that we are convening.



Would you believe me if I told you we were the forerunners a great spiritual renewal? What if I said this renewal would change our global culture at the end of this century? That it will see the emergence of a new mysticism in contrast to technology and a strong social conscience of sustainability and justice. We are at the very beginning of this movement. We will not all live to see its first moments of birth, but we will have the joy of knowing that we were the shoulders on which others stood to make it a reality. History will show that what we did today to lift up an open-minded spirituality, welcoming to all people, made a difference. Our choice to stand together, to advocate for justice, and to heal this planet will be recognized as the breakthrough. Because we did not give up, they excelled. Would you believe me if I told you that?
— Bishop Steven Charleston, retired Bishop of the Episcopal
Diocese of Alaska and elder in the Choctaw Nation



  • Introducing The BTS Center’s new podcast, Climate Changed. New episodes will premier monthly. Click here to learn more and to find Climate Changed on your favorite listening platform.
  • The BTS Center publishes its 2022 Report to the Community, celebrating a few highlights from the more than thirty different programs we’ve developed and hosted over this past year and looking ahead with hope and anticipation. View the Report here.
  • The BTS Center is pleased to welcome Rev. Ash Temin to its staff team, serving in the role of Communications Manager. Ash has been collaborating with The BTS Center over the past several weeks as a program consultant, assisting with some fall programming, and she officially assumes this new role effective October 25. Learn more …
  • If you attended Convocation 2021, you’ll remember some really sacred moments as our Convocation music leader, Pax Ressler, shared their original song, “The Soil,” commissioned by The BTS Center especially for this year’s Convocation — “We Are God’s Soil: Spiritual Leadership in a Climate-Changed World.”
    Several of you have asked for sheet music, and with special thanks to Pax, now it’s available — and not only sheet music, but a lead sheet, a lyrics sheet, and an mp3 recording — all free for download here.
  • We are delighted to announce the six recipients of From What Is to What If Micro-Grants. Each of these grants will help a community of faith try something new, lay the groundwork for further innovation, and help to fire the imaginations of others. Learn more …
  • Learn more about our Research Collaborative program!
  • Introducing our new LEADERSHIP COMMONS: Welcome to The BTS Center’s new Leadership Commons, a space where we are developing new content, and gathering materials adapted from past programs, to help equip faith leaders in the work of guiding communities of spiritual practice through the uncertainties of life on a changing planet.


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REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Convocation 2022: Imagination and Collective Liberation for a Climate-Changed World. Join us for two days of connection and learning including keynotes, worship, music, and small groups. For more info and to register:

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