With roots dating back to 1905, Convocation is a legacy program of Bangor Theological Seminary, predecessor to The BTS Center. Today Convocation is The BTS Center’s annual conference, bringing together keynote speakers, scholars, workshop leaders, musicians and artists, and a broad group of spiritual leaders interested in exploring themes related to spiritual leadership for a climate-changed world. 
Incorporating music, the arts, and contemplative practice, recent Convocations have included a blend of in-person and online experiences, woven together to facilitate learning, nurture respite, and deepen community. We are delighted to carry on this tradition, more than a century in the making, drawing upon the enduring wisdom of the generations of leaders who have come before us while exploring today’s most urgent and compelling issues.

Convocation 2024
coming up September 26-27, 2024
in person in Hallowell, Maine with Online Companions

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