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Creativity, Compassion, and the Coronavirus podcast announcement

Podcast episode 1: Wendy Hudson — The 101’s of Digital Community
Join us for a conversation with Wendy Hudson of Two Rivers Church about the 101’s of Digital Community. Hear her share the basics for shifting worship online, how to digitalize the rest of your congregation’s life, including offering care to members, while still being engaged in advocacy and care for your wider community. Listen here.

Podcast episode 2: Dan Wolpert — Staying Spiritually Grounded 
Join Dan Wolpert of MICAH: Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing. Dan shares about how leaders can stay spiritually grounded and how they can offer the same for their congregations — and he concludes the interview with an imaginative contemplative exercise that you can use in your context. Listen here.

Podcast episode 3: Dr. Alex Gee — The Black Church and COVID-19
Join us for a conversation with Dr. Alex Gee of Fountain of Life Covenant Church, the Black Like Me podcast, and the Justified Anger Coalition as talks about the black church and COVID-19, how the most stressed churches are being asked to do the most right now, and what white allies can do to help. Listen here.

Podcast episode 4: Beth Estock — Fearlessly Loving Leadership During COVID-19
Join us for a conversation with Beth Estock about fearlessly loving leadership during COVID-19. She talks about her personal experience with having COVID-19, how individuals and faith communities need to embrace grounding practices as this moves from a short-term crisis to a longer-term reality, and the beautiful opportunities this can open up for faith communities to act out of their very best selves. Listen here.

Podcast episode 5: Rabbi Eli Freedman — Backyard Weddings and Other Life Cycles During COVID-19
Join us for a conversation with Rabbi Eli Freedman of Congregation Rodeph Shalom about life cycle events during COVID-19: hosting a backyard wedding; the constraint and creativity of funerals, weddings, and other life events during a time of social distancing; and what faith leaders should be aware of when leading people through these moments during the coronavirus. Listen here.

Podcast episode 6: Rev. Carolyn Lambert — Meaning-Filled Funerals during COVID-19
Join us for a conversation with Rev. Carolyn Lambert about leading families through grief and ritual, especially through the practice of funerals, in the time of the Coronavirus. Listen here.

Podcast episode 7: Paul Nixon — What Happens When the Church Gets Kicked Out of the Building?
Join us for a conversation with Paul Nixon of the Epicenter Group, as he shares about how the Coronavirus presents opportunities for renewal for churches. Listen here.

Podcast episode 8: Andrea Lingle — Parenting During COVID-19
Join us for a conversation with Andrea Lingle, mother of four and staff writer with the Missional Wisdom Foundation, about parenting during COVID-19. Listen here.

Podcast episode 9: Melissa Yosua-Davis — Weathering a Pandemic on an Island
Join us for a conversation between Ben Yosua-Davis (our host!) and Melissa Yosua-Davis (his spouse!) as they talk about what it’s like to weather a pandemic while living on an island. Listen here.

Podcast episode 10: Ben Yosua-Davis & Dr. Elizabeth Parsons — Let’s (Not) Return to Normal
Join us for a conversation with Ben Yosua-Davis and Dr. Elizabeth Parsons, moderated by Allen Ewing-Merrill of The BTS Center, exploring what this pandemic has revealed about our country and our faith communities — and what it would look like to create a better normal for our human community. Listen here.

Podcast episode 11: Casper Ter Kuile: Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality During COVID-19
Join us for a full-length (52-minute) conversation with Casper Ter Kuile of The Sacred Design Lababout religious and non-religious spirituality during this pandemic, including what it means to create meaning and mark time in moments of spiritual disorientation. Casper Ter Kuile is an award-winning podcaster and researcher, whose work has been featured in the New York Times, Vice, The Atlantic, and the Washington Post. Listen here.

Podcast episode 12: Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma —  Pandemic in Perspective: Lessons in Resilience from the Global South
Join us for a conversation with activist, scholar, and pastor Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma about what we can learn about resilience and joy in times of uncertainty and suffering from our sisters and brothers in the Global South. Listen here.