Convocation 2022

Deep Dive Session

Hearing spirits and Spirit

This land is soaked in blood, its breezes bearing keening and wails of loss. Whether those of us who reside on these soils and in these currents are able or willing to hear the haints or touch their residue does not mean we can avoid how their resonance marks our days and troubles our hearts. In this session — inspired by Ched Meyers' and Elaine Enns' Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization, the hearing voices movement, and Christian scriptural tradition — we will wonder about how spirits and Spirit are already teaching and guiding us through the troubled waters of climate change, white supremacy, and transphobia. Be prepared to confront assumptions about what counts as prophecy and what gets labeled psychotic, to attend to when it is more comfortable to claim metaphor than holy materializing.

Meet the Co-Presenters

Eileen Gebbie

Nicole Diroff