Valentina Solari and Eve Mosher:
Art in Motion, Body, and Place

Occurred on Friday, July 30, 2021

Chilean-born circus performer Valentina Solari and US-born public visual and performance artist Eve Mosher both joined us from the UK to share the innovative ways they have used their art to engage communities in unconventional conversations about climate change. They are on the cutting edge of multidisciplinary art practice that merges with social activism. While taking on serious issues, their art invites audience members to dream, to see the invisible, and to embody the world.

View this video for a preview of Valentina and Eve in action, engaging communities with their art:

Valentina Solari

Valentina Solari started doing circus in Chile at the age of ten and through the years explored different movement techniques, sports and art forms. In 2015 she moved to Bristol to study Circus and Physical Theater at Circomedia, graduating in 2018. Valentina has performed at a variety of events both big and small — from small community projects to big festivals. At the moment her major interest is to create work that plays with the deconstruction and reimagining of circus skill and performance, as well as making artwork about the climate crisis.

Eve S. Mosher

Eve S. Mosher is a cultural change entrepreneur working at the frontlines of climate change and the urban environment. She creates space for imagination and putting forth possible futures. Her work explores individual agency in transforming the systems that have led to this moment. She is uplifting what is possible through creative engagement, multi-sensory collaboration and radical imagination. She has been creatively working on the climate crisis since 2007, but none of her previous experience, accolades, press or degrees have adequately prepared her for the moment we are in.

Valentina Solari: Photo by Guy Bellingham.

This event was sponsored by The BTS Center in partnership with The Arctic Cycle.