Summer Arts Series

During July and August, 2020, we invited everyone to join us for three delightful and meaningful online gatherings that drew upon various forms of artistic expression to expand our spiritual imagination as we envision an earth-honoring future.

Summer Arts Series - Session 1
Visual Artist Rob Shetterly of "Americans Who Tell the Truth" 
and scientist / author Robin Wall Kimmerer 

Occurred on July 29, 2020

In partnership with Americans Who Tell the Truth, our first online gathering in this Summer Arts series featured presentations by visual artist Rob Shetterly and indigenous environmental scientist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer, as well as some music.

Summer Arts Series - Session 2
Sing For a Better Future
In partnership with Music That Makes Community

Occurred on August 6, 2020

We lifted our voices in an earth-honoring worship gathering and online community singing experience, led by Paul Vasile and Conie Borchardt of Music That Makes Community. This online gathering also included an opportunity to gather in breakout groups to reflect on what we experienced, and for Conie and Paul to share with us possibilities for how we can lead live singing within our own digital contexts.

Learn more about this session or watch it above.

Summer Arts Series - Session 3
A Queer Response to Climate Change — What Would Walt Whitman Do?
with storyteller, performance artist, and scholar Peterson Toscano

Occurred on August 18, 2020

Performance artist, queer Bible scholar, and on-line content creator, Peterson Toscano tackles the biggest issue of them all – global warming – and does so with a campy, thoughtful, mind expanding interactive performance designed especially for the Zoom platform. He resurrects the spirit of Walt Whitman and makes connections to LGBTQ+ issues, the power of art, environmental justice, and much more. Travel to the past and the future as Peterson’s character transformations, creative thought experiments, and original multimedia. You will laugh and learn, but most importantly your imagination will be unlocked to help you envision a better world as you consider your role in it.

Learn more about this session or watch it above.