Suggested Journal Prompts

Nature as Teacher

  1. Find a beautiful spot somewhere within a five minute walk of where you are. Turn your phone off, sit down, and just pay attention to what’s happening around you - what you see, hear, taste, and touch.
  2. After you’ve paid attention for about ten minutes, write down in list form what you’ve particularly noticed. When your list feels relatively complete, put down your pen and take a few deep breaths.
  3. Pick up your list again and note which observations particularly strike you. What are they trying to teach you about God and about your own life?

Unlocking Possibility in a Quiet Spot

  1. Permit yourself a moment to dream about the future you hope for. Focus that dreaming upon something local and perhaps quite small: your neighborhood, your family, your work, your land.
  2. What do you dream could be possible in five years? Don’t write a list. Write a story or a description or a day-in-the-life; make sure to include imagined conversations, sights or smells or sounds.
  3. Consider: what is one small step I could take in the next week to make that dream a reality?