Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Leaders During COVID-19

In this time of social distancing, fear, and great uncertainty, faith communities are more important than ever, but let’s be honest: this current Coronavirus crisis stresses and stretches faith leaders in unique ways.

In order to remain spiritually and emotionally healthy enough to offer the loving care our congregations need, faith leaders need to stay connected with one another and connected with God, the ground of our being and source of our strength.

Faith leaders joined in a Zoom meetup during which we explored spiritual practices and patterns of action and reflection that each of us can adopt. We heard from two guests who are thinking deeply about these opportunities, and we took some time to share our struggles, our hopes, and our intentions for this moment of crisis.

Watch our Zoom meet up below, which was recorded on March 26, 2020.

Our guests included:

Susan MacKenzie, Ph.D.

Aram Mitchell