Rev. Marguerite Steadman

The Rev. Marguerite (Rita) Steadman is an Episcopal priest of the Diocese of Maine where she has served as Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Bangor, for over 12 years – and taught one semester at the Bangor Theological Seminary when it was located in Bangor.  She is wife to Eric Steadman and together they are raising two teenagers, Sophia and Cuthbert.  Before coming to Maine, she was an Assistant at Christ Church, Georgetown in the Diocese of Washington for 10 years where she served both as priest and (for 7 years) as deacon.  She is a graduate of the General Theological Seminary (’97)  where she now serves on the Board of Trustees.  She is passionate about the diaconate and its importance to the life of the Church, and is particularly interested in how it might serve a contemporary, mission-oriented Church where part-time clergy might be the norm.