Pursuing Our Passions in a Climate-Changed World

Too often, the work of addressing climate change feels just like that – work. We can feel overwhelmed when faced with so much awful news, and we can feel like there is nothing that one person or small group of people can do to stem the devastation. Yet each of us holds particular passions in our lives – hobbies or talents which light us up and help us to feel the joy of being alive. What would it mean to bring those things – whatever they might be – into our understanding of climate change? How would that change what is possible for us, individually and collectively?

This workshop offers the opportunity to lead participants in the process of discovering how to imagine a better world and use what they love to get there. Through a series of prompts and creative exercises supplemented by short videos, participants will delve deeply into what helps them to come alive and will be invited to creatively leverage those passions to engage with the problems and possibilities of climate change. 

Peterson Toscano, Program Consultant at The BTS Center, has created this unique offering and facilitator’s guide so that the program can be used widely and shared in ways which will spark imagination, wonder, and creativity in the face of climate change.

We offer this detailed guide for facilitators to use in leading the workshop for their groups and communities. The guide includes learning goals and a detailed outline and can be adapted as needed. It is intended for use in congregational and/or community settings. 

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