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The BTS Center Sponsors the 2020 Season of “Reports From the Spiritual Frontier” podcast

We are pleased to partner with Ben Yosua-Davis, Host of the podcast “Reports From the Spiritual Frontier” as a Sponsor for their 2020 season. Now in its fifth season, Reports provides an in-depth look at the day to day lives of innovative spiritual practitioners, as they cultivate new forms of community on the religious margins of our country. Ben and his guests tell stories from people who are experimenting with new forms of ministry:  starting mobile meditation spaces in trailers; meeting for worship in bars and public parks; taking over laundromats and celebrating Communion on the dryer; and organizing churches to fight gentrification in poor neighborhoods. Ben’s compelling interviews with almost 100 different guests over the past several years paint a compelling picture of the new shape of American spiritual life that is emerging.

In the words of Beth Estock, coach with the Epicenter Group and co-author of Weird Church, this podcast is “The Book of Acts for the 21st century.” It provides a ground level, as-it-is-happening, spiritual topography of the new church that is being birthed from the ashes of Christendom, told in the words of the people who are doing the work themselves. In addition, Reports offers a deep look into the landscape of the spiritual pioneer’s soul: the ups and downs of their ministry, the surprising lessons God has taught them, and how they cultivate a sustainable spiritual life.

As we seek to “catalyze spiritual imagination with enduring wisdom for transformative faith leadership,” we are proud to sponsor the 2020 podcast season, and we look forward to all the stories and insights that will emerge over the coming months.

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