Pandemic in Perspective: Lessons in Resilience from the Global South

A Live Podcast Recording & Zoom Meetup for people of faith and conscience
with podcast host Ben Yosua-Davis and guest Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma

We’ve been here before, even if it doesn’t feel like it for many of us in America.

In this pandemic, as many people encounter for the first time what it looks like to lose control and experience open-ended vulnerability, we can turn to other parts of the world for wisdom as we seek to learn how to be resilient.  
Watch the meetup and hear from one of these wise voices, Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma, rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Waltham, MA. Dr. Kaoma is a native Zambian, Visiting Researcher at the Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University School of Theology, and a prominent human rights activist, who offers us bracingly refreshing insights about how churches across the world have responded to pandemics in the recent past and what the Global South can teach us about being out of control and having to adapt when circumstances change radically.

Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma

Watch the below Zoom meetup, which is a live podcast recording, in collaboration with “Reports From the Spiritual Frontier”, with a chance to hear podcast host Ben Yosua-Davis interview Dr. Kaoma about his experiences, and participate in a moderated audience Q&A. This meetup was recorded on May 21, 2020.