Let's (Not) Return to Normal
A Zoom meetup for People of Faith & Conscience During COVID-19

As days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, everyone is speculating about when we can "return to normal." 
"Normal" would feel good, wouldn't it? The current reality we are all facing is unsettling — disruptive — disorienting — and in so many ways, demanding. Many of us long to return to the way life was before the Coronavirus upended everything and set us adrift.
But the truth is, there's no going back. We never get to go backward. Life is always about moving forward, into some new reality.
And so the question is, what new reality will we embrace? In what ways do we hope our future will resemble the reality we remember before this pandemic? And in what ways can we acknowledge that business-as-usual wasn't working — certainly not for everyone?
Watch Ben Yosua-Davis, Program Advisor for The BTS Center, and Liz Parsons, a member of The BTS Center's Board of Trustees, have a prayerful conversation about the wisdom they are seeing revealed in the midst of this crisis — a rich and wide-ranging conversation exploring some of the things this pandemic is teaching us about the world, about the planet, about broader trends in society, and about the practice of faith. This Zoom meetup was recorded on May 7, 2020.
Our guests include:

Dr. Elizabeth Parsons

Benjamin Yosua-Davis