Lessons Learned (so far): COVID-19 Insights to Apply to the Climate Crisis

A Zoom meetup for People of Faith & Conscience During COVID-19
with guests Dr. Natasha DeJarnett and Rev. Dr. Leah Schade

Watch the conversation with one of the editors and one of the feature authors in Rooted & Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis.  We explored early lessons from COVID-19 and their implications for a faithful and bold response to the broader climate crisis, with a particular focus on how we all are vulnerable, though unequally.
Our guests included:
- Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, MPH, is the interim associate director of Program and Partnership Development at the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and an adjunct professor at George Washington University
- Leah Schade, PhD, is a Lutheran pastor, eco-theologian, author of Creation-Crisis Preaching: Ecology, Theology and the Pulpit, and assistant professor of preaching and worship at Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky
Leah and Natasha explored the connections between planetary health and communal public health in this article, Faith, Health, and Climate: Finding Connections and Building Bridges, published in November of 2019.
Leah and fellow co-editor of Rooted & Rising, Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, spotlight the way COVID-19 is poignantly revealing unequal vulnerability, the importance of science, and more, in their article, 6 Lessons Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Climate Change.  

Dr. Natasha DeJarnett

Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade

Watch this emerging conversation, one which is sparking spiritual imagination while honoring enduring wisdom. This Zoom meetup was recorded on May 14, 2020.