Rev. Dr. Jim Antal

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Watch Rev. Dr. Jim Antal's presentation, recorded on July 30, 2020.

Resources from Rev. Dr. Jim Antal:

  • Visit for up to date links on presentations and articles.

  • Hundreds of congregations are reading Antal’s book, CLIMATE CHURCH, CLIMATE WORLD. It was featured on Earth Day in the Chicago Tribune (2018) and in Christian Century Magazine (2019).

    Two excerpts from the book are posted as an invitation to read the book. The Interlude is an imagined final letter from a pastor to her congregation as the church closes on Ash Wednesday 2070. The church had been serving a city on the eastern seaboard of the United States since the church’s founding in the seventeenth century. Following several category 6 hurricanes, endless border wars, hundreds of millions of refugees fleeing flooded cities, permanent deployment of military to protect the interests of the rich, and billions of people dying from uncontrollable disease, drought, and starvation the church is finally closing its doors.

  • The Epilogue is a speech given by a teenager in 2100 to a gathering of the World Council of Churches. She celebrates the great turning that allowed civilization to persevere. Millions are watching on line. The in-person participants are grateful for the air conditioners, powered by solar energy, that have reduced the outside temperature by 25°F to the standard setting of 88°F. 

  • Watch Antal’s sermon "at" Riverside Church NYC lifting up the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. (April 19, 2020; 18 minutes)

  • Read Antal’s blog on Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and Covid 19: Inescapable Lessons Offer Invaluable Opportunities.

  • Read Antal’s blog on speaking at the Article Circle Association meeting in Iceland October 2019: Courageous and Visionary Leadership Can Combat Climate Change Consequences.