Jill Pelto

Jill Pelto is an artist and scientist whose work focuses on communicating human-environment connections. She incorporates scientific data directly into her paintings — from local trends to global changes. Jill’s goal is to create artwork that engages broad audiences with climate change data in ways that are emotionally relevant. Jill Pelto grew up in Worcester, MA. She attended the University of Maine from 2011-2018 during which time she completed two B.A. degrees in Studio Art and Earth Science, and a Masters of Science focused on studying the sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to changes in our Earth-Climate system. Jill lived near Portland, Maine from 2019 until this spring of 2022. She moved to Washington State in May. Her love of nature drives her to creatively communicate information about environmental issues with a broad audience. She’s passionate about outreach and collaboration, and works with K-12 students around the country in creating their own data-art.