Earth Hospice Rites

Trebbe Johnson and Rev. Alison Cornish joined together to create Earth Hospice Rites in October 2022 as an online, ongoing, facilitated space to lament, celebrate, share, and offer mindful attention to the places and species we love that are endangered by climate change. The short 20-minute sessions have drawn individuals from around the globe who desire an ongoing place to honor their grief for what is being lost even as we also sustain our roles, responsibilities, and actions to address the plight of planet Earth. Each gathering revolves around a particular theme and includes reflections by the hosts and at least one opportunity for participants to join in the conversation, whether by sharing with a partner in a Zoom breakout room, writing their responses to a question in the chat, or joining in a ceremony.

This guide to facilitating Earth Hospice Rites is intended to help others grow in confidence to offer this practice to their own communities. It includes reflections on the philosophy behind Earth Hospice Rites as well as instructions on how to facilitate a gathering of your own and suggestions for themes and structure.

Alison Cornish

Trebbe Johnson