Creating Your Story of Tomorrow

As the impacts of climate change weigh ever more heavily on us, we can struggle to imagine a different future — one in which thriving and care are centered over survival and productivity. This workshop, led by renowned environmental artist Eve Mosher, offers participants the opportunity to engage their artistic imaginations to build the world we need in these challenging times.

Through a series of prompts and possibilities presented in video form, participants will be invited to let their imaginations run wild to create worlds of possibility, moving beyond the rote and into the fantastic. In doing so, participants will be able to sharpen and deepen their imaginative capacities in ways which may lead us all forward into a more beautiful future. 

We offer this detailed guide for facilitators to use in leading the workshop for their groups and communities. The guide includes learning goals and a detailed outline and can be adapted as needed. It is intended for use in congregational and/or community settings.

Meet Eve Mosher

Eve S. Mosher is a cultural change entrepreneur working at the frontlines of climate change and the urban environment. She creates space for imagination and putting forth possible futures. Her work explores individual agency in transforming the systems that have led to this moment. She is uplifting what is possible through creative engagement, multi-sensory collaboration and radical imagination. She has been creatively working on the climate crisis since 2007, but none of her previous experience, accolades, press or degrees have adequately prepared her for the moment we are in.

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