Bearings publishes original feature articles, commentary, and creative insights by leading reflective practitioners of 21st century ministry in congregational, community, educational, environmental, and other settings. We do not re-publish material that has been previously published elsewhere, including on personal blogs.

Have an idea for a feature, commentary, or creative insight piece for Bearings? Send us a short summary of your idea via email to Be sure to include the following with your pitch:

  • Your full name
  • Your title, if any
  • Your institutional affiliation, if any
  • Your email address
  • A short bio with links to representative publications

Bearings is published from September through June each year, with four articles in each monthly issue:

  • Features (2) on a theme defined by the editorial team
  • Commentary (1) on current issues in the world that impact or are impacted by the practice of ministry
  • Creative Insights (1) from poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, musicians, and visual artists

Please contact us for themes or topics. Articles are typically between 1500-1800 words, with some flexibility at either end of that range. We are also open to video commentary and reflection, photo essays, and other creative expressions that can be contained on our digital space.

We try to respond to pitches within 1 week.