Art Exhibit Opening: Raphael Gribetz’s “The Search For Truth”

Event Date: May 21, 2017

All were cordially invited to the opening of The BTS Center’s new art exhibit, which featured work by Raphael Gribetz (

Short videos about the collection are available online. To see Raphael’s introduction to the show and reflections about several of its pieces click here.

About the Artist

Originally from New York City, Raphael has lived and worked in Presque Isle, Maine for over 30 years. His art involves primarily painting and sculpture. He earned an MFA from The City University of New York and for many years was the spiritual leader of the Aroostook Hebrew Community in Presque Isle. The themes of his art revolve around questions about spirituality, beauty, and the dilemmas of being human.

About the Installation

Raphael says this about “The Search for Truth”:

“The work you see at this exhibit was all created in the two years since my beloved wife Nilda, of blessed memory, passed away. Grief’s magnitude and the capacity to sustain myself through the torrents of grief are central themes in this exhibit. The powerful intensity of my grieving was devastating to my capacity to withstand wave after wave of intense weeping. Only through the amazing grace of God was I able to endure the unending storm of grief. In my new awareness of God’s grace, I find myself pursuing God. “God, where are you?” I ask. It is my hope that in viewing this exhibit, you may see my quest to grow nearer to God, to love God, to cherish God’s compassion, and to be blessed in the capacity to search.”