Idea Swap: Holy Week and Easter Online
A Zoom Meet-up for Spiritual Leaders During COVID-19

Christian congregations about about to enter the most sacred week of the year, remembering Jesus' final days, his journey to the cross, his death, and his resurrection. But this year, as we observe public health guidelines, congregations will be utilizing technology to observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter in digitally-connected spaces. 
Maybe you're asking:

  • How might we curate meaningful Holy Thursday gatherings when we aren't physically present in our familiar sanctuaries to celebrate Communion together?
  • How might we adapt our churches' Good Friday traditions for congregations connected by Zoom or Facebook Live, or even create Good Friday at-home worship guides that members of our congregations can follow at their own pace?
  • How might we convey the hope and joy of Easter Sunday in an anxious and disorienting time? What's the connection to be made between empty churches and the empty tomb? When COVID-19 concerns prevent us from gathering in sanctuaries filled with the colors and smells of Easter flowers, how shall we lead our congregations in praising the God who is greater than all our symbols?  
Let's swap ideas! Watch the below Zoom meet up with other leaders who are asking these questions and planning for meaningful Holy Week and Easter online worship gatherings. This video was recorded on April 2, 2020.
Our guests included: 

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Good

Rev. Peter Ilgenfritz

Rev. Maria Anderson-Lippert

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